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SOG Tomcat 3
This is just a review on the SOG Tomcat 3.0. For those looking forward to purchase a SOG Tomcat 3,, this SOG Tomcat 3, review could be of great help to you before you make a purchase. Actually, this is just a snippet of my overall review about this knife. But let me just say that if you want a quality utility knife that could help you in all of your tasks, this product is highly recommendable to you,http://community.bagh....p?p=blogs/viewstory/50478. And you will find out why once you have read my entire SOG Tomcat 3.0 review.
Nevertheless, the bottom line of this SOG Tomcat 3.0 review is that you can never find another trusty utility knife than this one. This is a first from Tomcat and yet this folding knife has already received tons of positive feedbacks from its users. It easily unravels and unfolds using just one hand through its ambidextrous Arc-Lock. This knife is characterized by its 3,red cocktail dress.75-inch satin finished straight edge san mai VG-10 stainless steel blade, which is very sharp and guaranteed to never dull,black cocktail dresses. It has a limited edition carbon fiber handles with stainless steel bolsters and liners,http://www.gaydatinghq...st_view.php?postId=111387. It has an overall length of 8.65-inches and a weight of 6.5-ounces.